Windows Start Menu Options

Changing your Windows Start Menu options, folders, and configuring your toolbars can save you time and help clean up a cluttered desktop full of icons, and with Windows 10 you can now add Live Tiles to the Start Menu for just about anything, Weather, News, Stocks, Maps, practically anything you would have an app for on your Smartphone can be added to the Start Menu to make it one unique place for all the latest and greatest info about your favorite topics. To that end, this guide is to help configure the Start Menu so you can get the most out of your Desktop.

Windows 10 Instructions

Start by Right + Clicking on the Taskbar at the bottom of the Screen and Left + Click Taskbar Settings

This will open Taskbar Settings window allowing you to make changes to Icons that appear on Taskbar or Change Taskbars on Multiple Displays

By Left + Clicking Start from the Left side Menu, you can change the Way Apps are listed in the Start Menu or the way Live Tiles are Displayed

By Left + Clicking the Start Menu Button you can see and modify your Live Tiles – By Right + Clicking any App in the App List and Left + Clicking PIN to Start you can add it to the Live Tiles and size it by Right + Clicking and selecting Resize Small / Medium / Large / Wide

Windows 7 Instructions

Simply right + click the start menu and select Properties.

Next Left + Click the Customize button on the Start Menu tab

Now simply choose any of the quick links or folders you would like to display on the Start Menu and Left + Click OK

You will see the new additions every time you open the Windows Start Menu

This how-to guide covers the rudimentary Windows Start Menu options and how to access them to begin making changes. Be sure to check out my other How-to guides and videos for other great Windows settings and configurations, like my guide on How to configure Windows 7 Services and How to configure Windows 10 Services.

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