How to configure Windows 7 Services

In my first How to configure Windows 7 Services video, I have provided some of the best ways to configure Windows 7 services, for a stand-alone computer on a home workgroup network. I also describe some of the more essential security services, and how to limit your attack surface. This 23 min video is a great watch for anyone looking to learn the In’s and Out’s of the Windows 7 Services, their configuration, and increasing Local Security of the home PC while learning a few of the best security services Microsoft Windows 7 has to offer.

Check out my first video on How to configure Windows 7 Services:

This is a longer video however it goes in-depth to the modification, identification, and classification of Windows 7 Services and how to best utilize them to provide the strongest security. Keep in mind the Microsoft services vary in each version of Windows, for this video I used Windows 7 Ultimate to demonstraight all of the services.

If you are missing services while following this video do not be alarmed as they are most likely not included in your version of Windows. Check your system information in Control Panel to verify what version you are using by pressing the Windows Key Start Menu Button + R and then typing winver and clicking ok or pressing enter.

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