Windows 7 Guides

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These Windows 7 guides are written within the scope of Windows Home PC troubleshooting as of the time of their writing. Time changes all things, and I endeavor to keep these guides updated as time moves forward. If during their reading or use of these guides you find a step missing or feel something should be added please comment on the guide and I will update it accordingly. Before beginning please read the Warning below and ensure you are employing proper precautions before attempting any of the troubleshooting steps.


Terms and Conditions

It is important to remember when dealing with any PC components to discharge any static from your body by grounding yourself. Static discharge can seriously damage the components of a PC and proper safeguards should be employed during ANY exchanges with your hardware components.

Please ensure you backup your PC to avoid any loss of data before proceeding with any troubleshooting. You are responsible for your data and backing up regularly can save a great deal of time and effort in recovery efforts while also preventing the loss of crucial data.

Please backup any file information you cannot afford to lose prior to attempting any troubleshooting with or without the use of these guides. I am not responsible for any damages or loss of data through the use of these guides or improper usage and handling of hardware components.

You DO NOT have to follow these guides by proceeding from this point you agree to the terms and conditions of the above warnings for the Troubleshooting guides.