Installing Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 how to guide, I will show you how to install the Windows 7 OS. In our previous post How to configure the BIOS, we configured the BIOS to boot from CD/DVD-Drive. So we should be configured and ready to boot from the Windows 7 CD/DVD.

Step 1 – Insert the Windows 7 CD into your disk drive, or Connect your USB Bootable Flash Drive

Step 2 – Next during startup, you will see press any key to boot from CD…

Step 3 – Choose your language and time format and click the next button.

Step 4 – Click the Install now button

Step 5 – Click the I accept the license terms check box and click next.

Step 6 – Click on the unformatted hard drive usually Disk 0 and click new then apply.


Step 7 – When prompted Windows might create additional partitions click the OK button.

Step 8 – When prompted where to install Windows click disk 0 partitions 2, and then click format.

Step 9 – When prompted the partition might contain recovery files, etc. Click the OK button.

Step 10 – Click the next button.

Step 11 – Windows will begin to unpack and install the files needed. ( Be patient drink coffee )

Step 12 – When prompted click the restart now button or wait 10 seconds. (Note – your computer will restart this time do not Boot from CD!)

Step 13 – When prompted enter a User Name for your administrative account, and Computer Name, then left +click the next button.

Step 14 –  Type in a password and hint for your administrative account.

Step 15 – Type in your Windows product key, or click skip and do it later.

Step 16 – When prompted for Windows settings click the use recommended settings button.

Step 17 – Review your clock and make any adjustments needed then click the next button.

Step 18 – Here you can choose a WiFi network or Home Network for your internet connection, and click next.

Step 19 – Your Windows configuration and setup is completed, wait and drink more coffee as your desktop loads.

Congratulations on your newly installed Windows 7 Operating System be sure to check out my guide for Configuring Windows 7 Services!

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