Occurs after you install a new video adapter or update to a poorly written video driver, this is commonly attributed to updates of the driver or adapter and sometimes is caused by driver file corruption. The following steps should help to resolve this Windows Blue Screen of Death stop error.


You will need to start by consulting your manufacturers website or installation manual to locate the Make and Model of you video card and download the appropriate driver for your PC then continue with the following steps. AMD / NVIDIA

Step 1 – Boot into Safe Mode

Step 2 – Go to Control Panel


Go to Device Manager


Delete your Display Adapter by Left + Clicking the Display Adapter and Pushing the delete key on your keyboard.

Alternatively you can Right + Click and select Remove

Note this will change the video display of your desktop and it may appear much bigger then usual once restarted. Do not be alarmed this is typical behaviour until you complete the install of your Video Card driver.

Then Restart your PC

Once your PC has finished booting up proceed to install the new video card driver you have downloaded from your manufacturers website. Another restart of your PC will be needed to complete the installation in the case of Windows 7.

This should effectively repair any Drive file corruption of the video card and resolve your Blue Screen of Death stop error. If this does not resolve the BSoD error then proceed to the following steps.

Restart your PC and load into your BIOS settings

To find your Aperture size and configure it look for Advanced Chipset Features in your BIOS although the location is different depending on the manufacturer refer to your manfacturer for the exact location.

Once you have located the Aperture Size change it to match the exact amount of memory on your video adapter (Graphics card) if you are unsure how much memory your video card has refer to your manufacturer for assitance.

Once you have finished updating the Aperture size in the BIOS save your changes and restart your PC if the Aperture size was incorrect this will have cleared your stop error.

If all of these steps have failed to resolve your Blue Screen of Death stop error then most likely your Video Card is damaged and/or defective.  Remove and Replace your Video Adapter.

I hope this troubleshooting guide has helped to resolve your Blue Screen of Death stop error THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER if so be sure to let me know by leaving a comment or sharing this terrific guide. Also check out my other great troubleshooting guides here.

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