This Blue Screen of Death stop error occurs if Windows is unable to access the volume containing the boot files. This is usually the result of a bad connection on the cables to the disk drive, a failing power supply, or disk corruption.

Power your PC OFF

Check and verify all hard drive/disk cables are firmly connected to both ends the motherboard and disk drive.

(Note – Older IDE drives such as ATA-66 and ATA-100 should be using double density 80-Connector Cables, instead of standard 40-Connectors.)

If you have verified the IDE/SATA cables are secure and the correct type and you still experience the problem try the following.

Boot from your Windows CD or Bootable USB Flash Drive and Click the repair your computer.

Click DOS prompt

Type chkdsk /f and press enter.

This will check the hard disk for errors and should repair and recover any corrupt files on the drive preventing the PC from starting up.

Remove the Windows CD or Bootable USB Flash Drive and Restart the PC.

If this has not resolved the problem with UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and you have been prompted for the corruption of the disk while running chkdsk there are other troubleshooting steps to resolve hard disk errors see below.

Remove the hard disk from your PC and put it in another PC and then load Windows.

Once the PC has started you can run Disk Management from Computer Management located in the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel. You can also search for Computer Management through Cortana Search on Windows 10.

Once you have loaded Computer Management click on Disk Management

When Disk management is done loading you can then Right + Click the drive and go to Properties

Run another Scan of the disk to determine if the Corruption can be resolved

WARNING This may take a very long time to complete and it may still fail. There are other 3rd party options for software that may recover the disk but it is very time-consuming as well and there is no guarantee.

Disk recovery software can be found virtually everywhere on the internet these days and I’ve run many different software platforms I have only had marginal success with a handful. In some cases, the software recovers only part of the file information where another will find things the first did not, to begin with.

My advice at this stage is if you have the time would be to try more then just 1


If the Drive is not Recoverable you can attempt to Format the disk which will ERASE THE ENTIRE DRIVE this may make the drive usable again but will eliminate everything on the disk or replace the disk.

If this has helped you resolve your Blue Screen of Death stop error UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME be sure to leave a comment below or share this on Social Media. Be sure to check on my YouTube channel with other great videos!

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