Cause – The system has attempted to read kernel data from virtual memory (the page file) and failed to find the data at the specified memory address. The potential source is a defective memory, a malfunctioning hard disk, an improperly configured disk controller or cable, corrupted data, or a virus infection.


With these kinds of errors always start with the simplest resolutions first.

Step 1 – Shut your PC off and check all the cables attached to each component making sure each power and data cable is firmly seated. If any are loose attach and retry if any fall off and cannot be firmly reattached, replace the cable.

Step 2 – Boot into Safe Mode.

Step 3 – Check Device Manager to see if the Disk Controllers have a Yellow Artisk if so Resolve the Driver Problem by Re-Install or Updating the driver.

Step 4 – Run an Anti-Virus scan and a Malware Scan.

Step 5 – Boot from your Windows CD or USB Flash Drive and Left + Click repair your computer.

Step 6 – Click DOS prompt

Step 7 – Type in chkdsk /f and press enter. (This is too see if the Hard Disk is the fault.)

Step 8 – Click Windows Memory Diagnostic. (To see if your RAM is the fault.)

If all of these steps have not resolved the problem you are left with only the option to run System Restore hopefully you have back up point or more likely a Re-Installation of Windows OS.


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