DATA_BUS_ERRORStop ErrorSTOP 0x0000002E

Cause – Failed or defective physical memory including memory used in video adapters, but also corrupted hard disk’s and damaged motherboards cause this.


Step 1 – Boot from your Windows CD or USB Flash Drive and Left + Click repair your computer.

Step 2 – Left + Click DOS prompt

Step 3 – Type in chkdsk /f and press enter. (This is too see if the Hard Disk is the fault.)

Step 4 – Left + Click Windows Memory Diagnostic. (To see if your RAM is the fault.)

(Note – If the memory diagnostic does not find any errors with the RAM modules, and the chkdsk has returned no errors with the hard disk than it is potentially a bad video card. You can try replacing the video card and see if the error persists if you have a spare.)

If you have tried ALL of these options and NONE have resolved this issue, then it is most likely a Failure of your Motherboard and it will need to be replaced.

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