Here are the troubleshooting steps for the stop error DATA_BUS_ERRORStop ErrorSTOP 0x0000002E if these steps successfully resolve your blue screen of death leave a message below.


Failed or defective physical memory including memory used in video adapters, but also corrupted hard disk’s and damaged motherboards cause DATA_BUS_ERROR


Step 1 – Boot from your Windows CD or USB Flash Drive and Left + Click repair your computer.

Step 2 – Left + Click DOS prompt

Step 3 – Type in chkdsk /f and press enter. (This is to see if the Hard Disk is the fault.)

Step 4 – Left + Click Windows Memory Diagnostic. (To see if your RAM is the fault.)

If the memory diagnostic does not find any errors with the RAM modules, and the chkdsk has returned no errors with the hard disk than it is potentially a bad memory on the video card. You can try replacing the video card and see if the error persists if you have a spare or run from your onboard video.

If you have tried ALL of these options and NONE have resolved this issue, then it is most likely a Failure of your Motherboard and it will need to be replaced.

Be sure to check out my how-to guides on PC component compatibility they could be helpful in selecting new parts for your new PC.

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