Apple Ditches Intel CPU’s in 2020

Apple recently announced they would be breaking from its longtime producer of CPU’s Intel Corporation, to begin manufacturing its own CPU units for future PC’s starting in 2020.

The move comes amid what is widely regarded as a lag of performance increases in Intel CPU designs as other manufacturers such as AMD, ARM and Samsung Co have been closing the gap in the PC CPU industry for years. The announcement made by Apple caused an immediate 7 point decline in Intel stock as the perception that Intel has lost one of it’s most well known and well-placed customers, Apple and potentially millions of new Units drove the fall. As Qualcomm and other Mobile Device CPU makers are providing alternatives for manufacturers in the PC market, the Premium brand CPU Intel looks to be lagging behind spreading out into other markets, while losing ground in the PC Market to other alternative manufacturers.

With the move to a Proprietary system Apple can now schedule it’s own Hardware releases to products and timelines improving upon it’s own designs at a speed that better suits Apple and it’s consumers, paving the way for Apple a big name in Consumer Electronics a better grip on its future PC Market in Laptop and Desktop designs. ARM designs are commonplace in the mobile and server environments but are quickly hitting comparable speeds necessary for the adaptation over to the PC markets, this change indicates a fundamental shift away from previous models of Premium Brand Name products such as Intel Co. and could lead to better Price/Speed processing in electronics development, it remains to be seen if such a benefit will be felt at the consumer level in 2020 when Apple begins to roll out its latest models and designs.

As we quickly move towards 2020 it is highly likely we will see more such PC Markets shaking up the design of future brand name PC Computers as there is an ever-growing industry made Product from multiple vendors becoming more widely available. A prediction I have is that we will see more Qualcomm / ARM-based CPU driven Proprietary systems coming from manufacturers, along with Top Model High-Performance CPU systems from Premium brand name manufacturers such as AMD and Intel builds to be included as High-End machines in the 2020’s.

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