The Action Packed New World of Spaceships

World of Spaceships has commenced a brand new update available to Wargaming subscribers is currently online, all though a little cheesy perhaps the new design and ships look amazing!

This new feel for World of Spaceships (WoW) has rekindled my love of sailing bravely into combat sports a pretty intense and all be it very flashy Tier 7 Cruiser. My goal naturally this round was only to obtain some Screenshots at what it is becoming a popularized version of the name stead PC Game, before being utterly and totally deleted within opening minutes of what would become an onslaught of BLEEP BEEP sounds. Oh, that’s right they updated the audio to go along with this seemingly digital Warship battle complete with new PEW PEW sounds!!!

The new feel to a once old pleasure is at least for now overrun with sounds of digital 8-bit sounds and Sci-Fi looking Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and oh yes even Aircraft Carriers, in what can only be described as aerial-death sports 9 wings of fighters and bombers in an extremely impressive non-invasive look. The aerial bombardment and torpedos can make even those with the highest rated AA cringe. These floating fortresses and not without merit as they too bring their own unique attributes to any match in the Space Battle!

The New World of Spaceships has even made it on to the Games forums and has changed much the feel sporting even a new Port to berth your ship, it may all be a little much, though as the water is so transparent it takes time to get a feel for it, as some of the planetoids feel or seem like they are going to obstruct vessels when viewed through the binocculars, even though its more likely the planetoid is in the distance and not even in the playable range. All that being said it is certainly a welcome change from the standard World of Warships grinds and a lot of fun!

Another of the many updates has been making recently as I previously posted in my last PC Game article about the Biggest update in World of Tanks History for another old favorite! Which some may complain about the functions of in game such as the long-range artillery fire but has maintained its name and made numerous achievements in provided some amazing gameplay over the years. Never the less those who have at least a Tier 6 World of Warship vessel are in for some hours of fun with the fantastic new update!

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