How to configure Windows 10 Services


With the last release of Windows 10, Microsoft has added a considerable amount of new services and features. This is my How-to configure Windows 10 Services guide. Service vulnerabilities and non-essential services in Windows 10 to help close security-related holes and recover unused resources from services.

Please note – This configuration has only been tested on, both a  Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop and does not take into consideration the Surface or Surface 3 devices.

There are 5 distinct versions of Windows 10Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, and S.

The recorded configuration was achieved on Pro Edition on both desktop and laptop computers. Please keep in mind if you have a different version, you may lack or have additional services not covered by this How-to guide.

Find a list of all Windows 10 Services Here!!

**WARNING — This list assumes a laptop or desktop computer is a stand-alone PC on a LAN (Local Area Network) with no devices such as printers, phones or other peripherals connected**

Find a list of all the modified services below and comment if you find these service modifications work for your setup at home. Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube and Twitter.

Quick tip – You can search for services window by typing services.msc into the search bar, don’t forget to Run As Administrator if your User Access Controls (UAC) are set to a higher setting.

Recommended list of modified Windows services

  • AllJoyn Router Services – Disabled
  • App Readiness – Manual
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Server – Disabled
  • Connected Device Platform Service – Disabled
  • Connected User Experiences and Telemetry – Disabled
  • Data Sharing Service – Manual
  • Data Collection Publishing Service – Manual
  • Device Association Service – Disabled
  • Device Management Enrollment Service – Disabled
  • DevQuery Background Discovery Broker – Manual
  • HV Host Service – Disabled
  • All Hyper-V Services – Disabled
  • Infrared Monitor Service – Disabled
  • Microsoft (R) Diagnostic Hub Standard Collector Service – Disabled
  • Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service – Disabled
  • Phone Service – Disabled
  • Radio Management Services – Disabled
  • Retail Demo Service – Disabled
  • Sensor Data – Disabled
  • Sensor Monitoring Service – Disabled
  • Sensor Service – Disabled
  • Shared PC Account Manager – Disabled
  • Still Image Acquisition Events – Disabled
  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service – Disabled
  • WalletService – Disabled
  • Windows Camera Frame Server – Disabled
  • Windows Insider Service – Disabled
  • Windows Mobile Hotspot Service – Disabled
  • Windows Push Notification System Service – Disabled
  • Work Folders – Disabled
  • Xbox Live Auth Manager- Disabled
  • Xbox Live Game Save – Disabled
  • Xbox Live Networking Game – Disabled
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