Cleaning Windows 10 Temp File Folder

Cleaning your temp file folder is as easy as a few clicks, and can free up valuable resources on any PC. There are more extensive ways you can clean your temp files such as installing CCleaner from the Piriform website Here, it also cleans your registry and is a handy application for many other things as well. But the quickest and easiest way of cleaning up those cluttered files is outlined in the instructions below.

From Cortana Search Menu

  1. Click Cortana search menu
  2. Type in the Search %temp%Click on the folder or Press Enter
  3. Press Ctrl + A or Highlight all
  4. Press Delete key or Right + Click and select delete
  5. When prompted a file cannot be deleted – Check do this for all items box then Press Skip

Voila! You are done! You have successfully cleaned your Windows 10 Temp files.


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