Cryptocurrency Kills DIY PC Builds


Video Card Pricing So High NVIDIA Asks Retailers To Reduce Prices

Cryptocurrency Mining trend has been so explosive over the last 8 years that even NVIDIA is calling for retailers to lower prices for those of us that build our Desktop PC’s rather than purchase them from vendors. With Video Card prices so high is this the death of DIY PC Builds?

Of course, NVIDIA’s statement is more of a guideline then actually binding retailers whose pricing for the all-important Crypto Miners has skyrocketed well over MSRP pricing, in some cases as much as 100% increase, and as the manufacturers struggle to meet demand some retailers are cashing in on the scarcity of the supply.

Cryptocurrency for the DIY’s out there such as myself this means the old failing video card purchased 5 or 6 years ago is what we have to breathe new life into as there seems to be for the moment, very little we can do to update older or failing equipment.

Even as I type this I am in Fear of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death which has become increasingly more likely as the Radeon HD 6 series has already passed a non-supported conclusion.

All joking aside, the situation is so grave that you could be expected to pay up to nearly the price of a New PC from any vendor just to replace a single video card. At prices that high, it certainly signifies at least for the time being that DIY PC builds are going the way of the dodo.

That being said some retailers are starting to act, Micro Center, for example, is offering MSRP prices on video cards for customers buying motherboard, CPU, RAM, and PSU, of course with manager approval, and online sales are not subject to MSRP however, that being said if you buy the Non-MSRP on the aforementioned equipment they will refund you the difference on your video card for MSRP pricing.

It seems little relief to those of us not ready to upgrade to a new platform or not needing to purchase extra equipment is anywhere in the near future, so, for the time being, we can safely say Cryptocurrency has effectively killed the DIY PC market.

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