Is Google DDOSing your home network?

Don;t give up

Recent postings on Google support forums indicate a major flaw with Google devices, a flaw which may, in fact, be the cause for not only you’re Wireless woe’s but also Wired Devices on your Local Network.

Google Cast network bug discovered DDOSing LAN networks. affects Android phones and tablets and Cast-enabled Google apps such as YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Photos maintain an active connection to Google Home and Google Chromecast devices via what’s called MDNS packets, or “multicast Domain Name Server” packets. MDNS resolves the hostnames of devices (i.e., the network names assigned to those devices) to IP addresses, and is commonly used on local networks that don’t have a DNS server. They’re normally sent every 20 seconds or so, but when some Google Cast-enabled devices go to sleep, they continue to queue new packets to send until woken up and unlocked. This can cause surges of more than 100,000 packets in a short time frame in which the amount of packets being sent is directly connected to the amount of time the device stays in a power save mode.

This, of course, has the devastating effect of which causes massive connectivity issues, of course, but can also crash Wi-Fi routers and affect a number of their primary services such as DHCP functions responsible for leasing or handing out LAN IP addresses to all the devices connected to your WiFi router. Currently, Google and network engineers are re-working a Firmware update for most devices and routers, but in the meantime the struggle for all end users who have recently acquired Google Devices is ongoing.

What can you do to mitigate the DDOSing in the meantime?

Firstly disconnecting your Google devices and powering them off is a start but this still wont resolve the issue your Router is now affected with, so the next step is power cycle your Modem/Router, finally after the Router reboots disconnect and reconnect your Ethernet cables for the wired devices, and cycle your wifi off/on on any wireless devices. This will renew the locally assigned IP’s from your router and provide you with uninterrupted service.

But what about your Google devices?

Well, until network engineers roll out the firmware updates and patches it would seem the only thing to do at this point is power off or disconnect these devices when they are not in use. This is far from ideal, however, Trust me you don’t want to wake one of these devices up after its been in a long slumber or it will pummel your local network in a way that makes UFC look like slapping a fest.

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