How to configure Windows 10 Services

With the last release of Windows, Microsoft has added a considerable amount of new services and features. This is my How-to guide on service vulnerabilities and non-essential services in Windows 10.

Please note – This configuration has only been tested on, both a desktop and laptop and does not take into consideration the Surface or Surface 3 devices.

There are 4 distinct versions of Windows 10Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education.

The recorded configuration was achieved on Pro Edition on both desktop and laptop computers. Please keep in mind if you have a different version, you may lack or have additional services not covered by this How-to guide.

Find a list of all Windows 10 Services Here!!

Here is a list of services to modify

**WARNING — This list assumes a laptop or desktop computer is a stand-alone PC on a LAN (Local Area Network) with no devices such as printers, phones or other peripherals connected**

  • AllJoyn Router Services – Disabled
  • App Readiness – Manual
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Server – Disabled
  • Connected Device Platform Service – Disabled
  • Connected User Experiences and Telemetry – Disabled
  • Data Sharing Service – Manual
  • Data Collection Publishing Service – Manual
  • Device Association Service – Disabled
  • Device Managment Enrollment Service – Disabled
  • DevQuery Background Discovery Broker – Manual
  • HV Host Service – Disabled
  • All Hyper-V Services – Disabled
  • Infrared Monitor Service – Disabled
  • Microsoft (R) Diagnostic Hub Standard Collector Service – Disabled
  • Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service – Disabled
  • Phone Service – Disabled
  • Radio Managment Services – Disabled
  • Retail Demo Service – Disabled
  • Sensor Data – Disabled
  • Sensor Monitoring Service – Disabled
  • Sensor Service – Disabled
  • Shared PC Account Manager – Disabled
  • Still Image Acquisition Events – Disabled
  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service – Disabled
  • WalletService – Disabled
  • Windows Camera Frame Server – Disabled
  • Windows Insider Service – Disabled
  • Windows Mobile Hotspot Service – Disabled
  • Windows Push Notification System Service – Disabled
  • Work Folders – Disabled
  • Xbox Live Auth Manager- Disabled
  • Xbox Live Game Save – Disabled
  • Xbox Live Networking Game – Disabled



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