Little Girl Lost

Maria Graham had been dispatched to bus 24 at the intersection of Masterson and Montgomery. Apparently, the bus driver noticed a little girl, around six years of age, dragging her feet looking rather lost Concerned, she stopped the bus and asked the little girl if she was ok. “I’m trying to get home.”

In Defence of a Man

Andy McPherson was handling a case involving a street person, Jack Donovan. When she’d first been assigned the case, she was unsure which way to handle it. Then she met him. Andy was fearless, treading where angels feared to go. That’s what her friends told her with trepidation each time she went to the downtown location that housed many transient people. She wasn’t particularly frightened or concerned. She was there to do a job and follow through to assist however she could.

5th Anniversary

Hello and hi to all you lovely people. Thank you for popping in and sharing the bits and bobs I offer on my blog. I truly appreciate it. Can’t believe five years has already passed since I first signed on.

Felicity doubted that although people gave consideration to naming their child, they fully realized the profound effect and influence on the emotional development and characteristic it had on the owner directly or indirectly and the cost of living up to that name. It could produce positive or negative results.

Detective Marianne Martian had to laugh, seriously laugh. The guy had changed his story at least a half dozen times, and its “epic” stupidity simply grew along with the tale he told. How could he not see how ludicrous the story was?

Just a Nosh

Time for a nosh! It might help the little gray cells work harder and faster, Nellie decided. She’d been awake for 18 hours and still couldn’t sleep. She’d taken a long leisurely walk, a relaxing bath, even listen to elevator music for god’s sake. The glass of warm milk hadn’t worked either. Perhaps a light snack would ease the hunger pangs that irked her. She’d run out of things to try!

A Delightful Blur

Dianna’s day flew by in a blur. It was her big day. The wedding had been beautifully, lovingly planned down to the finest detail and everything went off without a hitch.

Jose Benjamin was happy about the upcoming media event. Not that she would normally be interested and avoided them like the plague, but this was important and necessary to bring awareness to the changes that were required to assist the town’s continued growth.

Summer Baxter walked in and said, “What in the actual hell Is going on?” Her small office, just large enough to hold a five-foot desk and one chair along with a filing cabinet squashed into a corner had been ransacked.

Gardens Galore

Even though Conny Hill was only 28, she’d spent a lifetime gardening. Having shared her grandmother’s delight in growing things, she’d planted her first bulbs at her grandmother’s knee as she’d looked on approvingly. Grandma Hill had been patient and involved.

From Bad to Worse

Violet Skinner was more than shocked, she was horrified. The sense of betrayal and violation hit her in the solar plexus like a body slam. Who? Why? The sight rocked her back on her feet just inside her front door. The doors and windows were securely locked. Torn between investigating and ensuring her own safety, she backed out and ran down the drive to her car, got in, locked the doors and called the cops. It was a nightmare, a bloody nightmare!

Well said!

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Tornado in Italy?

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Kerfuffle – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

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Ann had worked for the August Sentinel for five years and enjoyed writing articles on any and every subject sent her way. She’d moved up through the ranks quickly with an ever-growing readership. Anne believed ...

It was so On!

Amanda Vine was becoming frustrated at Hugo’s Farrier’s antics. She wasn’t sure what spawned his habitual snide remarks and innuendo but she’d finally had enough. It was one thing to take potshots at her, she lived in the limelight as a result of her modelling days and subsequent photography of influential types.

No Time for Thought

Muriel Carrington was shaking in her boots as was everyone else in the restaurant. Imminent danger literally upon her, all coherent thought fled and she hit the floor instantly; her body seemed to react of its own volition.

Was this Personal or Professional?

He watched her go, head held high, long elegant strides, conviction in every movement. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, this had lit a fire under her and she was invested in finding out the truth. He’d have to watch her back, because of this had connections, she could be in danger…sullying her by implication was one thing, and could be just the start of things to come.


“I don’t, I make them, every day.” Surprise showed in his eyes. Did women bake anymore? The ones he knew didn’t, in fact, they probably hadn’t touched a stove – ever – and he often wondered if baking was a dying art.

Charlie O’Connor was an amalgamation of her parents and she was okay with that. Tall and slender like her father with his vibrant red hair and green eyes along with her mother’s elegant style; she automatically drew attention wherever she went.

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