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Providing support for Windows PC’s, from building and matching components to Windows Configuration and Troubleshooting with the easiest to follow Guides!

ClearConfig is dedicated to bringing my followers the most in-depth & comprehensive how-to guides too help beginners and novices learn the in’s and out’s of Windows PC configuration. From the installation of hardware components to configuring and installing Windows Operating Systems.

Over a dozen videos and even more How to guides for Windows PCs, Troubleshooting LAN connections, WiFi connections, Configuring Port Forwarding, PC Security and Best Practices and much more.

How to configure Comodo Internet Security

ClearConfig How-to configure Comodo Internet Security video I provide instructions on configuring the Comodo Internet Security suite. This is my most viewed videos on YouTube, with over 8.7K views, Thank You to all my viewers for following me and subscribing to my Channel!

How to configure Windows 7 Local Security Policies video!

My second most popular video on ClearConfig YouTube Channel, How to configure Windows 7 Local Security Policies video! I go through How to configure Windows 7 Local Security Policies video and talk about various ways of securing your Windows PC!

Quick tip – You can do a lot more by loading the Windows 7 Local Security Policies through the MMC console, by typing mmc.msc in the search bar, then click File and Add / Remove Snap-ins.

How to configure Windows 10 Services video!

In this ClearConfig How to configure Windows 10 Services video, I go through the Windows 10 Services list and disable/enable the services of a Microsoft Windows 10 PC. I also discuss how these changes reduce the attack surface layer and much more!

Quick Tip – If you type services.msc into any Windows PC search bar you can launch the services windows to make changes to your PC. Don’t forget to Right + Click and Run as Admin if your User Access Controls (UAC) are set to High.

ClearConfig videos, How to guides, and many more troubleshooting steps have a look around and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and stay tuned to the latest how-to guides, configurations, and videos.

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